General Registration Process

FXCT Investments invites traders of all experience levels to access the financial markets via our two intuitive and sophisticated trading platforms. As an online trading brokerage, we require that users provide us with accurate details in order to communicate and keep them fully informed regarding their account and account activities. Which is why we require the following details when registering:

1. Name
2. Last Name
3. Email Address
4. Phone Number
5. Password

General Registration Process

Upon registration and activation of your account, it should be noted that as an online company we are also required to abide by certain laws and policies, such as the KYC Policy and AML Laws which is a process which all trading or on-line websites such as ours have to ensure the users are following.

You’re able to read further about this on our dedicated pages

AML/CFP Policy
KYC Process

Click here for a guide for registration and activation of your account.

What have I registered for?

Clients of FXCT Investments usually sign up for automated trading, which is a third-party auto trading software which links to our platform and activates on its own after or a few days after the activation of their account.

FXCT Investments specializes in Manual Trading, we guide all our clients in manual trading and also do our best to explain the difference between Automated Trading and Manual trading. All our clients have the right to choose between the manual or automated trading.

Through which method of communication can I reach FXCT Investments

We are available through Whatsapp, our customer support numbers, E-mail and Online chat.
FXCT Investments’s contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.

If you would like to be called back, you may send an email to your trading mentor directly, or you may send an email to the customer support using our methods of communication mentioned in our Contact Us page.

To be able to cancel your account, you should send an email request to FXCT Investments’s Customer Support Team at [email protected], with the reason as well as the request.

However, should there be any additional services accepted by yourself, they may be additional requirements prior to FXCT Investments respecting your decision to cancel your account. The customer support team will inform you accordingly should there be any issue.

There is no fee associated with the cancellation of your account.

To reset your password, login to your FXCT Investments Account. Click on the small arrow next to your username, then choose “My Personal Space” from the dropdown menu that’ll appear.

This will open a new page with four different options provided on the left hand side. Choose the second option “Account Security”. Then fill in the required fields; “Current password,” “New password” and “Confirm password.” Finally, click “Update” and your password will be reset.

Make sure to add at least one number, one uppercase and lowercase letter, and a special character

Go to fxctinvestments.com, click on the “Login” button that’s on the top right corner. You’ll see a “Forgot your password?”, please click on it.

Add your email address. Make sure to use the email address you used to create your FXCT Investments trading account.

Then go to your inbox and proceed with the instructions provided in the email.

Verification and KYC

To keep it simple, go to our registration page and fill in all the fields required.

  • First and last name as they appear on your passport or your ID.
  • Your Email
  • Your Country
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Your Account Currency

Then, make sure to read our Terms and Conditions and check the “I accept the FXCT Investments Terms & Conditions” box.

Finally, click the LAUNCH MY ACCOUNT button.

After registration comes the verification of your FXCT Investments trading account, because if you skip this step, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.

Firstly, click on your username that appears on the top right corner. A small dropdown menu will appear, choose the “My Personal Space” section. Click on “account verification”. Then, upload the documents requested.

These documents include:

  • a colour copy of your passport or government issued photo ID
  • a recent utility bill, such as your electricity, water, or telephone bill.

Your passport or ID must not be expired and the utility bill you provide us must not be older than 3 months.

It’s really important that the name on your passport or ID matches the name on your utility bill.

Once your verification has been completed and your account is verified, you’re all ready to trade and all options such as Deposits & Withdrawal Options are activated.

We have done multiple customer surveys in the past and the majority came with being able to deposit prior to doing any verification. After we received the feedback we made it happen, we have dedicated KYC pages displayed on our website so clients have access to see our requirements, and also we make sure to inform our clients of this on our introduction call.

Due to the international AML law, we’re required to follow these rules of KYC.

If your credit card cannot be found or is cancelled or lost, you should request a letter from your bank confirming that the credit card belonged to you and send the same to the verification team.

Depending on your account, of course, you will be advised by our team and proper communication will be kept.

For further information, you can contact our customer support team.

Withdrawals and Refunds

If any payment is made by card, we are limited to transfer back an amount that’s equal to the deposit amount or below. If in any case, we’re transferring profits to a client’s account we will surely notify the client of which method we will use to process their withdrawal.